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You want to print your digital photos expecting the same quality as the original photos. To help you with that there are a lot of options from lasers printers to choose from. These laser color photo printers can be of two types: Dedicated photo printers which are capable of printing only photos, with limited photo editing options and the Near Dedicated photo printers which offer office printing as well along with photo printing.

Available as both standalone photo printers or the all in one printers variants these color lasers have a resolution of greater than 2400 dpi to support high print quality. Their initial cost is more due to the expensive colors toners used. They also have USB, wireless support to print from both online or from PC.

Depending on the seriousness of your usage, the best color laser photos printers of 2013 are from HP, Xerox and Epson with Canon also available in the market.

Buying tips to find the Best Color Laser Photo Printer of 2014

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