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Digital cameras capture things and instant sharing of the photos has been the need of the day, and connected cameras aim at facilitating this. Most of the digital cameras do not support mobile connectivity, instead they want you to rely on sharing of your photos stored on the camera's memory chip via a computer, which is a slow process.

Connected cameras are the digital cameras which support mobile connectivity for easy and instant sharing of your photos and videos to the internet. The best connected cameras also allow users to edit photos through the touch interface. The shoot-edit-share feature on these cameras makes them dedicated cameras for point and shoot photography with the ease-of-use of smart phones.

The latest connected cameras use WiFi and 3G to upload your captured photos to the web. The uploaded photos can be shared with social media or can be stored using a cloud service.

Mobile photography on connected cameras for sharing real-time photos is specifically preferred over advanced smart phones because of the relatively poor flash and sub-optimal optical zoom performance from the smartphone cameras.

Our listing of best cameras below include some of the best rated connected cameras by experts from around the web.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G


1. Samsung Galaxy   

Samsung Galaxy Camera 3G


2. Samsung Galaxy   

Nikon COOLPIX S800c Digital Camera


3. Nikon COOLPIX S800c    $344

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