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Combining the optimal features of both corded & cordless phones, telephones manufacturers have come up with the combination of corded/cordless phone setup. These type of phones have a main corded base unit which is complemented by 2 or more cordless handsets with holding bases.

The range of the handsets operations in the best Corded/Cordless combination phones is determined by the frequencies used by the phone setup. For good sound clarity and security from eavesdroppers, you should opt for the combination telephones having 2.4 GHz or the 9.8 GHz frequency range since the normal frequency of 900MHz is more prone to eavesdropping using a radio scanner. You can buy the DECT6.0 corded/cordless phones which operates at 1.9GHz frequency, for the high sound clarity and security. This standard is specially meant for cordless phones which provides added security against hacking, works over a large operation range and also allows very low interferences from other wireless networks/physical factors such as wall, cabinets etc.

Brands such as Panasonic, VTech, AT&T have good answering machine feature for their top rated corded/cordless phones which will support recording & playback of all the messages. You should expect a minimum recording time of 15 minutes with good playback clarity of the messages from these combination corded/cordless phones. Some of these top brands even offer playback of messages from the cordless handset.

The corded/cordless phones are mostly used in businesses which require quick response to any calls. With cordless handset expansion capability, handsfree speakerphone, intercom, conference call facilities these phones enable smooth operation of your business. Having a battery talktime of atleast 15 hrs and standby time of 7 - 15 days is what all of the best selling corded/cordless combination phones should have. Along with the regular phone call operations such as call waiting, call hold, intercom, call listing etc these phones helps to have a clear conversation with your callers.

The top rated and best corded/cordless phones present in the market with good expansion capability, reception & security from hackers are listed below.

Buying tips to find the Best Corded/Cordless Phone of 2014

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