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With the variety of corded and cordlesss phones available in the market today, it isn't very hard to find something that suits a senior, as long as you know what you're looking for. Elderly folk require the kind of corded phones that are capable of defying their perhaps impaired vision and hearing.

Here are the must-haves

* Apart from failing eyesight, our parents and grandparents often tend to have wobbly fingers that find it hard to hit the right key when the buttons are small. Large buttons are certainly the most basic criteria for elderly people. Added to this, look for a phone that offers a lighted keypad, it certainly helps make calls in dim light.

* Amplified corded phones are around today which integrate the required technology to enhance the volume as well as transmit clear sound. At the moment, some of the best corded phones for seniors are made by Clarity. They use proprietary technology called Clarity Power to balance sound frequencies. While low sounds are amplified, higher decibels are kept as they are, for comfortable hearing.

* A phone that lights up when it's ringing might be helpful while receiving a call at night.

* Opt for a phone with a long cord. Your mum or dad might want to sit down on their comfortable sofa while talking.

* Corded phones with a speaker-phone are definitely handy, as they obviate the need to hold the instrument.

* A phone with an LCD screen and a caller id might help in choosing whether or not to answer a call. If the phone provides the facility to assign a ringtone to numbers, all the better.

* If you're not particular on buying a corded phone in particular, there are those corded/cordless combo phone available too.

* Almost any corded phone today offers speed dial, redial and hold options, but what we've noticed is that, although the number keys on the keypad are large enough for seniors, these specific buttons are a lot smaller in size which renders them pointless. This is something you could pay attention to while purchasing.

Clarity Ensemble 58003.001 Touch Screen Phone


1. Clarity Ensemble    $94

Clarity E814 Phone


2. Clarity E814   

Clarity XL45 Phone


3. Clarity XL45   

Clarity C1000 26dB Amplified Corded Telephone


4. Clarity C1000    $114

Clarity XL40D Corded Telephone


5. Clarity XL40D   

Buying tips to find the Best Corded Phones For Seniors of 2015

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