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Cordless phones can be used as separate units or as part of the expandable phone systems. They have a common base which is used for charging the handsets and as a placeholder for them. Before choosing to expand your existing phone system some points for considerations are necessary. Typically the best cordless expansion handsets are labeled as expandable on the body of the sets and you should buy cordless handsets which are from the same manufacturer for compatibility.

Registering your cordless expansion handset
Your additional cordless handset must be registered with the main base phone unit before its operation. Once it is completely charged, place in the main base units cradle with the keypad face up. Depending on the phone model, either a registration complete message will appear on the LCD display of the handset. Or else you have to individually select the option for registration in the handset. In any case, the steps has to be repeated for all the cordless expansion handsets. Once registration is complete you are all set to use these phones.

Deregistering your cordless expansion handset
Depending on the type of cordless expansion handset model you are using the procedure is different. You can deregister your cordless handset by selecting that particular option from the main unit, so that it can be re-registered with a new base. Or else from the cordless expansion handset itself you can select the system reset-> base unavailable option which will deregister the handset.

All of the top selling cordless expansion handsets perform the same basic phone operations of call hold, call waiting, Intercom/call transfer, Caller ID etc which are present in any landline/cordless phone. The benefit of using these expansion cordless phones is easy availability when a call arrives. Added advantage of these phones with multi line facility is that you can use them for conference calls, access the messages stored in the answering machine through these handset. Thus increasing your business productivity. As you expand your phone system, the call quality also changes with the increasing distance from the main base unit. The DECT6.0 phones are the best in this segment with less interferences from other WiFi networks & physical barriers.

Depending on the type of batteries used, the added cost of replacing them will be a factor to consider when buying cordless expansion handsets. As with all the cordless phones these handsets cannot function in a power outage.

The best cordless expansion handsets are available from VTech and Panasonic, but other brands such as AT&T, Motorola etc are also catching up with competitively priced models ranging from 20$ to above 100$. If you want to select the most widely used cordless expansion handsets then shown below are the ones rated by experts.

VTech CS6609 1-Handset Landline Telephone


1. VTech CS6609    $13

AT&T CL80101 Phone


2. AT&T CL80101    $18

AT&T CL80111 Cordless Accessory Handset Phone


3. AT&T CL80111    $18

AT&T CL82201 1.9 GHz Cordless Phone


4. AT&T CL82201    $50

AT&T CL82301 Cordless Phone


5. AT&T CL82301    $68

Buying tips to find the Best Cordless Expansion Handset Phone of 2015

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