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Most people use cordless landline phones today instead of or in addition to a corded landline, for the sake of convenience. Since cordless phones, as the name suggests, lack the spiral wire and run on batteries, they serve as an excellent way to multitask through our work while handling phone calls. The speakerphone adds to this convenience by obviating the need to even hold the instrument. All you need to do, is tap a button and start talking while you could just lie on your couch.

What must you have?

The Dect 6.0 is a standard we'd recommend users to pay attention to. It enhances reception, eliminates external interference from other electronic equipment around the house and also increases the range of connectivity that you get, allowing you access further away from the base than conventional cordless phones. You could go down to your car-park or basement and have as a clear conversation as you need.

Most of us are generally hard pressed for time, so an LCD screen on the cordless phone's base, capable of displaying the caller's number is the most convenient manner to evade unnecessary calls. You might also want to look for phones that allow you to assign a ringtone to a number. Of course the LCD screen also displays other kinds of information from the time and date; and battery power, to the time duration of a phone call.

A 2 line support is a great option for larger families or families whose phoning needs are high.

Having a Headset jack on the handset your cordless speakerphone means you can clip the phone to your pants, plug in the earphones and talk while you work.

Other features you might be interested in

The best cordless speaker phones come with a wide range of popular features like a lighted keypad, keypad on the handset, handset tracker and battery holders. Despite the omnipresence of cell phones with voice message recorders, many people prefer having an answering machine which records voice messages even on their landlines. Some cordless speaker phones also allow you to have an intercom facility, conference, as well as handset-to-handset chat. The choice of features is ultimately your call, as is the number of handsets you require. Our list below shows you the top rated cordless speaker phones released recently.

Buying tips to find the Best Cordless Speakerphone of 2014 - 2015

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