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Video editing is possible at affordable price if you opt for a laptop configured with an Intel Core i3 processor. The best Core i3 video editing laptops incorporate excellent graphics and application support to get high quality finishing in the work.

Large high-resolution screen of size 14 inch and above would provide lots of workspace in addition to assisting you to have a better and clear preview of your edited video. Furthermore, the topmost video editing software should be compatible with these Core i3 laptops.

Features and specifications:
Activities like designing and editing videos involve intense processing. Laptops with Intel Core i3 work better for video editing if they have more than 2 GHz processor speed supported by good graphics cards and at least 4 GB installed RAM. Also, for storing images, edited videos , software and other required tools for video editing, large storage capacity is needed by your laptop.

If you are always on the go and have to edit videos at leisure or as a part of your profession, portability and excellent cooling power are other factors to consider. It would be great if you have inbuilt speakers in these Core i3 laptops, then carrying the headphones would merely be your choice not compulsion.

Our product listing below shows the best Core i3 video editing laptops to help you with more buying options at price ranging from $400 to $1000.

Buying tips to find the Best Core i3 Video Editing Laptop of 2014

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