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Dell manufactures desktops and all-in-ones having the latest and innovative features. The best Dell desktops run on the latest Windows 8 operating system and categorized chiefly on the basis of specific usages: Performance and Gaming Desktops, Everyday Desktops and All-in-one desktops. Dell's major product lines for desktops are Inspiron, XPS and, Alienware.

Performance & Gaming Desktops:
The best Dell desktops and all-in-ones for performance and gaming have been built using the latest technology and are highly customizable. These desktops can be utilized for enjoying movies, games and music which are powered with the 3rd generation Intel Core processors. Some of the features which stand out are storage using solid state hard drive for faster file access up to 256GB, up to 3TB hard drive, enhanced graphics with up to 1.5 GB NVIDIA discrete graphics card support and blu-ray support. Browse the product lines XPS and Alienware from Dell which support such features.

Everyday Desktops:
The Everyday desktops are essentially sleek, slim and powerful towers of Inspiron product line which are designed for handling daily tasks with ease. These compact and space saving desktops are powered by 2nd generation and 3rd generation Intel Core processors.

All-in-One Desktops:
Inspiron and XPS line of all-in-one sleek desktops are known for their full HD (high definition)/wide quad HD (WQHD)* capacitive touch screens. The screen sizes of Dell's all-in-ones range up to 27 inch and these screens are embedded with high definition webcams. Powered by the 3rd generation intel core processors and the latest Windows 8 operating systems, these wall mountable all-in-ones can also be operated with wireless keyboard and mouse.

Our Dell desktop recommendation list includes some of the best products, top rated by some of the best desktop reviewers around the web.

*WQHD offers wide screen resolution which is four times the resolution of standard HD, i.e., 720p.

Dell XPS 18 Desktop


1. Dell XPS 18    $700

Dell Alienware AX51R2-9301BK Desktop


2. Dell Alienware X51 (2013)   

Dell XPS 27 Touch All-In-One


3. Dell XPS 27 Touch 2720    $2,241

Dell XPS X8700-2500BLK Desktop


4. Dell XPS 8700    $1,089 - $1,137

Dell OptiPlex 9020 All-In-One


5. Dell OptiPlex 9020    $869

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