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Denon, a Japanese electronics manufacturing company specializing in high-fidelity audio equipment for professional and consumer uses, gets its brand name from the merger of Denki Onko and others.

Denon also partook in the development of digital audio technology in its early stages and introduced the world's first Dolby AC-3 and THX 5.1 certified Home Theatres of 1995 and the first THX-EX Home theatre system with more pronounced surround sound in 1999.

Denon's Home Theatres have two two-way satellite speakers, two surround speakers, a center speaker which has a 3-inch mid-bass drivers and ½ inch soft-dome tweeter which implements a reduced baffle diffraction design for wider and clearer audio performance; and a Subwoofer with BassTrac that cancels out all low frequency distortions to give deeper and tight bass response. This subwoofer also implements the down-firing design and a high-excursion 8 inch driver with a 100W power amplifier to provide dynamic sound quality.

Denon also includes a Compressed Audio Restorer that enables you to play compressed music files in your portable audio players via a stereo mini jack. The best Denon Home Theatres further incorporate a vibration-resistant enclosure to eliminate the negative impact of speaker vibration on sound quality to give optimum performance.

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