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Before buying desktops for beginners, you need to figure out the level of tasks to be carried out and the type of applications to be used to complete them. The aforesaid factors would help you decide upon the specifications which should be considered to buy the best desktops for beginners.

The desktops for beginners must be able to handle basic activities such as emailing, web browsing, working with Word documents, playing movies, music and sharing files with other devices. Emphasizing hardware, you can go for Intel Core i3 or AMD processors which deliver decent performance. Getting 4GB of RAM would allow for better multitasking and running applications with ease; HDD capacity of at least 500GB would be sufficient for data storage in these beginner-oriented desktops.

The displays of the topmost desktops for beginners are at least 24-inch and can be based on LCD technology. These desktops should have a simple design for ease of use by children, students, seniors. It is important to get budget desktops as beginners do not require high-end components for rigorous gaming or video editing.

Here is our recommendation list for the best desktop for beginners which would definitely help you in making the right choice.

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