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If you are a gaming enthusiast, it would be better for to opt for a desktop PC rather than a laptop. To buy a best gaming desktop computer, your choice should be a high performance machine. The key features you will want to consider are good display and an efficient graphics card. Apart from these there are a few other essential things to consider while buying the best gaming computer.

With the diverse gaming applications utilizing different kinds of resources on your PC, gaming buffs need to invest pretty heavily on high end games as well as on the high end configurations of gaming computers, to be able to enjoy them.

The built in graphic capabilities on the motherboard are sufficient for normal gaming, and is known as on board graphics. For handling and faster processing of high-end games, a dedicated graphic card (also called as video card) is a must and you could get many desktops with fancier graphic cards. Hence there will be a need to spend specifically on a graphics card to process the images of your games, prioritizing it on your PC's memory and processor. When you are playing a game, a dedicated graphics card utilizes its own RAM and processor to handle 3D scenes and 2D graphics, negating the need for the CPU and RAM's work. Currently AMD and NVIDIA are the top players in manufacturing graphic processing units (GPU), with their best known product lines being Radeon and Geforce respectively.

The powerful performance of a dedicated graphics card goes waste if you don't have a good display for a best gaming experience. A gaming monitor must have a great resolution and good contrast ratio. The 1920x1080 and higher (2560x1440) pixel resolution screens offer good image quality, and such LED monitors make the right choice for gaming. Make sure that your monitor has these latest input ports: HDMI or DisplayPort, which help you connect high-end gaming consoles like PS3, to your monitor.

The recommendation for best gaming desktops from our essentially have been filtered based on the specifications: 500 GB hard disk at 7200 rpm, 8GB RAM, a fast dual core processor along with 1 GB graphics card.

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