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The best desktop under $200 is a very cheap price range for desktops and usually you could only get the desktop towers with processor speed around 1.8 GHz and other basic features from lower-end players in the desktop market.

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HP TouchSmart IQ506

HP TouchSmart IQ506 Desktop



HP TouchSmart IQ506
Dell Dimension 4100
HP TouchSmart IQ506 Desktop
Dell Dimension 4100
Release Date
Jun 2008
Jan 2001
Intel GM965 Express
22 in Active Matrix LCD (TFT)
Form Factor
HDD Size
500.0 GB
Installed Memory
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel Pentium 4
Recommended Use
Home Use

  • - The programs that do come with the TouchSmart suite are intuitive and have large, finger-friendly icons, making them easy to use.

  • - The IQ506's built-in webcam is nice, and includes one feature I haven't seen before on a PC: a button to instantly upload the video to YouTube.
    - The TouchSmart interface is intuitive: drag your finger across the screen to move "tiles" around, and they spin like they are on a CD carousel.

  • - The media-centric software is easy to use and to customize, with mouse or fingers.
    - The TouchSmart is appropriate as a second PC or as a lifestyle PC that fits into your living space, but as your primary system it may not do everything you want it to do.
    - The Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart IQ506 may be worthy of the Jetsons' household.

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    - With an analog connection, the card converts a digital signal to an analog one, which the LCD panel promptly converts back to a digital one.
    - Dell bundles a full copy of Works Suite 2000 with the Dimension 4100 1GHz system and this is a good starting point for the major applications you're likely to need at work.

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    - Setup is standard and made easy by the inclusion of both an instructional poster and a quick-start guide.
    - Although there is nothing particularly exciting about this system, it's a sound choice by any reasonable standard.
    - Gaming performance was very good, thanks to the state-of-the-art nVidia GeForce2 GTS Ultra graphics subsystem.

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