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At Reviewgist we look at the latest digital camera models in the market today, analyze a ton of reviews, and bring you the best recommendations with the latest prices- all updated daily.

The best digital cameras in the market run the gamut of features from increasing megapixel counts, optical zooms to decreasing shutter lag and uber cool slim looks. How do you sift through the technical lingo and dense specifications and choose just what works for you.

To outline some of the main features to consider while choosing a camera are :

Type of camera - If you are a newbie, then an entry-level point and shoot model is the best choice. Or if you are looking at photography as a hobby, an advanced point and shoot or one of the megazoom models can fit the bill. For the beginner turning pro, there are a number of entry-level dSLR's which are becoming easier on the pocket these days.

Camera usage - Are you looking at shooting mostly outdoors shots, or does your photography consist of taking a lot of low light photos indoors. Or are you planning to do a lot of travel photography? You can choose the best type of camera accordingly.

Budget - Are you on a shoestring budget and looking to upgrade your old camera. Or are you looking to get more bang for the buck with the upcoming mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras in the market. Or can you splurge on the latest in digital imaging technology for the best dSLR body and lenses.

Build and Ease of use - The type of interface, whether it is touchscreen or manual controls need to be geared towards simplicity, accessibility and user-friendliness.

Video and other cool features - Digital cameras these days are not merely imaging devices. High-definition video recording, wireless connectivity, geo tagging etc are some of the features which are increasingly becoming must-haves.

The best digital cameras in the market today are subsequently ranked under each of the above parameters. The rankings being updated daily and are an effective way of knowing the best and most popular cameras out there.