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Sub-$1000 is a great price point to look for the very best DSLR cameras. Almost all major brands have very good options at this price point and you should be spoilt for choice. Though before going to pick the best camera under 1000 dollar do factor in the cost of lenses as that is typically a substantial part of your budget.

The best digital cameras $1000 are the interchangeable lens cameras including DSLRs and compact system cameras. Provided with decent features, these prosumer cameras offer great image and video quality, speed and customizability options for photography enthusiasts. This is a great price segment for those who need to buy the entry-level DSLRs.

For the more-advanced photographers, the sub-$1000 digital cameras offer better low-light performance than that of advanced point and shoots. Considering the manual features they host, these cameras can also be very useful for capturing portraits and action shots.

Manufacturers like Canon, Sony and Panasonic offer the best digital cameras under $1000 under the EOS, Alpha and Lumix product lines respectively.

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