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The technology of Plasma TVs unlike LCDs and LEDs, do not make use of an extrinsic backlighting, instead the plasma itself radiate the light required.

Plasma TVs offer the best display quality as far as televisions are concerned, provided you have a dimly lit room. Since plasma TVs in general have slightly lower luminance output they are not recommended for brightly lit rooms. Also due to their glass screens ambient light may cause a lot of glare.

Plasma TVs are popular for the "true black" they can produce to give excellent contrast ratios. The other reason for such great contrasts is that the pixels on a plasma set are controlled individually and are independent of each other, so while one pixel gives out bright light, the one next to it can be black. Consequently, you're able to view the richest details as accurately as the movie maker intended.

If you're a sports freak and care to watch games and races in high definition without experiencing any motion blur, a plasma television is your best companion. The best Plasma TVs have next to no response time and are able to display 600 frames per second.

Kicking off at around 42 inches, Plasma televisions are available in humungous sizes of 100 inches or more, and with 1080p resolution and excellent colour depth you can watch all the battles of Middle Earth in one hell of a display!

Scroll down to check out our list of the top rated products along with their specs and pricing. With Panasonic being the Yoda of Plasma technology, they present some of the best display plasma flat screen TVs in the current market and following closely behind are other giants like Samsung and Vizio.

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