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Making a decision to buy the best Clothes Dryer can be difficult because of the myriad options available in the market. Mentioned below are the various features to be considered before making the effective and worthy choice among the dryers.

Type of fuel hook up:
Depending on the type of fuel used to heat air in the dryer, there are 2 models:
Gas: A dedicated gas connection is required for using these dryers.
Electric: Your normal electrical connection is required for the dryers to operate

The effective and efficient dryers have a rotating drum called a tumbler present inside them. Through this tumbler hot air is circulated for drying the clothes by evaporating the water content in them. The way in which the hot, humid air is removed from the machine is another factor to look into before buying the best dryers. The dryers can be either vented or ventless.

Vented v/s Ventless
Traditional vented type of dryers suck in the surrounding air, heat it and send it to the tumbler for drying the clothes. The emerging hot air is removed from the machine through exhaust vents. The dryer again sucks in air and the entire process is repeated. You need a proper venting system (with exhaust vents) for removing this heated air.

In best dryers of the ventless type, the heated air is diverted to a separate unit inside the machine where is it cooled. The resulting water vapor is removed through the drain pipe and the dry air is again circulated through the tumbler for drying the laundry.

Loading Style and capacity
The top rated dryers Dryers are manufactured as front load appliances. Typically you should buy the effective dryer which is twice the capacity of your washer for easier movement of the wet clothes inside the drum during the drying action. A dryer in the range of 6 - 7 cu.ft is sufficient for a small family with regular laundry loads although above 7 cu.ft capacity models are also available.

Energy efficiency
There is no energy star rating given for dryers. But manufacturers compensate for this by providing energy saving features such as Dry sensors. Here the dryer senses the moisture content in the clothes and automatically shuts down the machine when the laundry is dry. So the dryer won't be idle after completing the drying action and consume electricity.

Dryers are always bought in combination with washers. In general you should buy the top rated dryer and washer from the same brand for compatibility and easier servicing issues.

Considering all these factors, listed below are the best Dryers available in the market whose reviews and ratings are given by the experts.

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Panda Portable Compact PAN40SF
LG DLE4801
Speed Queen ADE4BRG
Whirlpool WED4800XQ
Panda Portable Compact PAN40SF Cloths Dryer
LG DLE4801 Electric Dryer
Speed Queen ADE4BRG 27in Electric Dryer
Whirlpool WED4800XQ Electric Dryer
GE GTDS570EDWW Electric Dryer
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