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One of the most useful features introduced in DVD players and Blu-ray players is the USB hub. Earlier, one had to go through a long procedure to get a favorite movie from the computer to play on TV as opposed to the simplicity of plug-and-play with a pendrive.

While all Blu-ray players include USB ports, and some of the latest DVD players now have this feature too. Additionally, portable DVD players with USB ports are a are most convenient while travelling long distances, since a simple pendrive replaces lugging around a whole bunch of DVDs.

Along with the USB hub, Blu-ray players and upconversion DVD players have other good connectivity options like HDMI outputs to connect to your HDTV. You could also look for other connections like component video and audio outputs if your TV or AVR don't support HDMI.

Since you intend to play music and videos directly via the USB slot, the best DVD players with USB also provide extensive file support. We've heard several people complain that their TVs or DVD/Blu-ray players don't support their files, making them go through the entire hassle of converting those files using a computer. A good player should be able to play some or all of these files : MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, MP3, WMA, WMV, FLAC, DivX, AVCHD and JPEG. Nevertheless it is best if you matched these formats with what you usually play and pick your best fit.

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