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The best ebook readers for kids come with touch screens which are engaging and allow smooth tapping, scrolling and writing on the virtual pages. These ebook readers have excellent portability and are easy to use.

The topmost ebook readers for kids come with 5-inch or 6-inch screens, are lightweight to be easily carried by them and offer long hours of continuous reading. It is advisable to opt for ruggedly and durable designed ebook devices. If cost is not an issue, parents may go for color e-readers to provide their kids with more interactive and enjoyable reading experience.

Next important considerations are the available content and storage space. Books for kids are now available with many online stores and are easily accessible by the top ebook readers. An internal memory of 2GB and provision for online storage could be beneficial for storing the purchased ebooks for children.

Support for PDF and ePUB text formats are sufficient for ebook readers meant for kids. Besides, many of these ebook devices have onboard dictionaries which are really useful as kids are in learning stage of building up their vocabulary.

Presented below is our list of the best ebook readers for kids which will surely help parents bring home the perfect digital reading devices for their little ones.



Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch
Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300
Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader
Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300
Check Offers
Check Offers
Release Date
Apr 2012
Aug 2009
Installed RAM
2048.0 MB
Screen Size
6.0 inch
5.0 inch
eBook Reader
eBook Reader
7.5 oz.
0.49 oz.
Text Formats
ePub, PDF
Average Rating
 4.1 stars
 3.6 stars

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