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Among the many recent technological innovations, ebook readers assume a prominent place, providing readers with easy access to a range of books and other online materials. The markets are constantly flooded with e-book readers from a large number of manufacturers and new models are being released on a frequent basis. Like anything else in the field of electronic products, there are a good number of factors that need to be considered when choosing an e-book reader.

Is it the best ebook reader for you?
A good e-book reader must be able to display the content clearly and in any environment, it must not strain the eyes. It should be easy to carry around and most important of all, have a long battery life. Then comes the secondary preferences such as added functionality, design features, display type among many others. A majority of the ebook readers today use the E Ink display that are available in paperback sizes.

The content
The most important feature you must look at when buying an e-book reader is the number of books or amount of content you can gain access to from your device. The e-book reader manufacturers generally have their own custom stores to buy e-books from. The greater the number of books available in the stores the better. Some other manufacturers allow access to content from other vendors. While this would ensure a greater access to content, a small compromise is often required when it comes to the user experience. These devices may throw up integration issues.

eBook reader formats
The next important aspect you need to consider is the number of formats your e-book is compatible with. A majority of the e-book readers today support txt, JPG, HTML and MP3. There are also a few other proprietary formats such as .azw and open source formats such as ePub. It is always preferable to buy e-books that are compatible with the ePub format as all the major publishing houses use ePub to release their e-books.

Another important aspect you need to decide upon before finalizing your ebook reader is the functionality. You need to determine the exact purposes of how you would use the e-book readers. If all you want is to read books, then you have a very wide variety of choices. However, if you are also interested in reading magazines, blogs and newspapers on your e-book readers, your choices are somewhat restricted.

Buying tips to find the Best eBook Readers of 2014

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