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Depending on the interface through which a storage device is connected to the computer we have different hard drives, FireWire being one of them. FireWire is a standard developed by Apple for high-speed data transfer. The best FireWire hard drives are available in two versions FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 depending on their data rate.

The topmost FireWire hard drives are of external type. Data speed for FireWire is higher than USB 2.0 but the same is lower when compared to USB 3.0. Due to the transfer rate, the best FireWire hard drives are highly demanded for audio and video editors. Moreover, for quicker access to the data stored in the hard drive, you need to make sure that the spindle speed is high. Also, if you are looking for some editing of your videos and gaming, try to go for a FireWire hard drive with spindle speed 7200 RPM.

The capacity in the topmost FireWire hard drives are found to be at least 500GB, with few having up to 4TB of storage. It is suggested that you go for 1TB capacity in order to accommodate large files of audio, video, music and documents. Besides, you can buy FireWire hard drives for laptops as well as desktops as these are available in both form factors of 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch.

As external hard drives are more vulnerable to theft, ensure yourself that ample security features like password protection and hardware encryption are included in these FireWire hard drives. Also, pick up those with 2 to 5 years of warranty period for longevity of these hard drives.

Brands available:
G-Technology, Western Digital, LaCie, Seagate and Iomega are FireWire hard drive brands to name a few.

  • G-Technology has high-speed and portable external FireWire hard drives for creating professional content for film making.
  • LaCie is there with FireWire drives which are ruggedly designed to confront any shock, these have mostly 1TB of capacity.
  • For providing you an excellent storage capacity up to 4TB, Western Digital produces a range of fast and portable hard drives. Some of these are only compatible with Mac.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best FireWire hard drives to help you find the right match to your requirements.

WD My Book 4TB External Hard Drive Storage


1. WD My Book 4TB    $189

G-Technology G-DRIVE mini 1TB 0G02576


2. G-Technology G-DRIVE mini    $110 - $150

G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile 1TB 0G02229


3. G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile    $99

Western Digital My Passport Studio 1TB Mac Portable WDBK8A0010BBK-NESN


4. Western Digital My Passport Studio    $80 - $337

Western Digital My Book Studio LX WDBACH0010HAL 1 TB USB 2.0 Hard Drive


5. Western Digital My Book Studio LX WDBACH0010HAL   

Buying tips to find the Best FireWire Hard Drive of 2015

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