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A major constraint for our laundry activity is space and time. Instead of having separate machines to perform our washing and drying chores, the compact All in one Washer Dryer is a welcome saviour. The front load Combo Washer Dryer is the best seller in this category considering it is energy efficient and uses less water.

The pros of opting for a front load washer dryer outweighs the cons.

Its energy efficiency is better than that of conventional washers. This is because it consumes less water for washing the clothes. This translates into less energy required for heating the air in the drying process. When you are buying this home appliance check for a energy standard rating of 3 Star or above.

If your home decor allows for compartments the front load variant is best suited as it can be stored easily under the counters effectively maximising space utilisation.

From a health benefit point of view this machines should be bought if you have trouble in reaching into the tub of a top loaded machine due to back or knee problems. Easy access to the forward facing controls panel for operation is another plus point.

The loading capacity of a front load combo washer dryer is smaller than conventional washers due to the fact that drying also happens in the same tub. A capacity of around 3 cu.ft is needed for a family of 3-4 members. You should load the machine with laundry to 60%- 70% capacity to get full use of the unit as the drying process takes longer time.

You need to use specially formulated detergents marked as HE ie. High Efficiency for these machines. HE detergents produces less lather, has a quick dispersing action and prevents the soil / dirt from depositing again on the clean clothes. If regular detergents which produces more lather is used, it can overflow and even damage the machine. This type of detergent is costly.

If you dont mind paying a higher price in return for the reward you get in terms of space and time utilisation, then front load All in One Washer Dryers is the one for you.

The best front load All In One Washer Dryers listed below are the ones rated best by expert reviewers from around the web.

Buying tips to find the Best Front Load All-in-One Washer Dryer of 2014

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