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The market for front load washer and dryer is inundated with appliances that offer different features for reducing your laundry load and time spent on it. People will opt for a front load washer and dryer due to its easy access and the good clean laundry that you will get. While the top load washing machines may be the prefered choice, the best front load washer and dryers offers some of the desirable characteristics as listed below.

The top rated front load washer dryer have various settings which allow for a complete washing and drying experience. Depending on the models there are either preset cycles or manual settings for a variety of laundry loads.

For a small family the usual load capacity of 3 - 4 cu.ft is sufficient if the washing routine is not too frequent. Temperature and water control, automatic detergent/fabric softener dispenser are some features which should be present in any of the front load washers. Steam technology has become a standard feature in almost all the washing machines. It loosens the grime/dirt from the laundry, thus helping with the washing and drying process. Combined with the allergen cycle option available in some of these home appliances, most of the dirt is removed.

When you are living in apartments or in any quarters with space constraints, quiet/noise reduction in washing machines is achieved by either making design changes/modifications to the motor or by reducing the number of machinery parts.

Appearances and styling:
Looks are an important part of any appliance that you bring home. With many washing machine brands spending considerable amount of money on designing, you can expect pleasing aesthetics, LCD displays and ergonomically designed front panel for easy access to the functionalities of the machines when buying these units. Some front load washer dryers offer the reversible door option for opening the washer. Because of the design, usage of gaskets and rubber washers to prevent water leakages during operation, these machines are considerably heavy.

Energy Efficiency:
To reduce the electricity and water bills settle for the high efficiency front load washer and dryers. Though the initial investment is more and you have to use specially formulated HE (high efficiency) detergents, it is worth the extra money considering the savings you make in the long run. Plus there is the added bonus of getting clean and crisp clothes. The regular machines should have a minimum energy star rating of 3 to be considered energy efficient.

Money matters:
Compared to the top load, the front load washer dryers are slightly pricey. Its mainly due to its design which involves extra insulation required to prevent water logging during operation.

To get the best front loader washer and dryer, check out our listing of the machines as shown below along their specifications to make a right choice which suits your laundry needs, budget and decor.

Samsung Front Load Washer & Steam ELECTRIC Dryer WF457ARGSGR DV457EVGSGR


1. Samsung WF457ARGS   

EdgeStar CWD1510W Ventless Combo Washer/Dryer


2. EdgeStar CWD1510W   

Electrolux IQ Touch Washer & Dryer EIFLS60JIW_EIMED60JIW_EPWD15IW


3. Electrolux EIFLS60JIW    $2,049



4. LG WM3455H   

Haier HWD1600BW Ventless Front Load Combo Washer Dryer


5. Haier HWD1600BW   

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