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With the myriad of options available, freezing on the most suitable front load washer for your needs might turn into a befuddling task. The purpose of this guide is to simplify your search, so we've enumerated a bunch of points to bear in mind while picking. Front loading washers are considered the best washers in the market due to their comparatively better performance.

One of the most important considerations is the capacity of the unit that you are interested in. While a smaller capacity until will cost less money at the time of purchase, a larger capacity unit will allow you to wash more clothes at one time, which can save you time and money. Consider your laundry habits so you can determine the best size machine for you and your families needs. Front load washers today come with pretty high capacities like 4.5 cu ft which is well over 20 pounds. However for a 4 to 5 member family 3.6 - 4.0 cu ft washer capable of washing about 12 to 20 pounds is quite sufficient.

Cleaning Challenges

In order to get the Best Front Loading Washer for you needs, make sure you consider the type of cleaning that you use the machine for. If you wash clothes with bad stains or are looking for a way to refresh dry only clean clothes, then consider a unit that has a built in steam setting. This will make cleaning stains easier and allows you to run clothes through an anti-bacterial process that is perfect for you child's clothing and other items that are more complicated to clean.

Optional Settings

One of the last things to consider when looking for a front load washing machine are the additional options and settings that the machine may be equipped with. Some units provide a fan and tumble setting to prevent clothes from becoming stale, while others offer a stain removal setting and the ability to wash wool items that are typically dry-clean only. While these options may cost you additional money upfront, they can save you money by helping your clothes last longer and help keep clothes free of stains.

Now that you're all set to buy, scroll down to check out our list of the best front loading washers, simply click on a product to view specs, video reviews and buying options.

Buying tips to find the Best Front Loading Washer of 2014

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