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Fujifilm, a Japan based MNC produces a wide range of Fujifilm X and Finepix series of compact cameras. Fujifilm X range of products are mostly the compact system cameras and the FinePix line of products include the point and shoot range of compact digital cameras. All of the Fuji basic compact digital cameras use the proprietary Super CCD technology sensors, and the high-end models use the CMOS sensors. Under the FinePix product line, there are several series of sub-classified camera models: S Series, F Series, XP Series, T Series and J Series for specific usages.

S Series:
The best Fuji compact digital cameras under S Series offer high zoom performance the optimal power zoom (optical zoom) of up to 50x. These ultra-zoom cameras from Fujifilm offer creative control, precision optics and flexibility for enthusiasts and professionals. The company suggests that these cameras are great for family use as well.

F Series:
The F series Fuji digital cameras are the well crafted travel long zoom models with highly-tech innovative features. These compact cameras have slim designs and find perfect usage by the enthusiasts who look out serious photographic capabilities.

XP Series:
The XP series of Fujifilm cameras are the easy-to-use compact digital camera models with rugged features. The best Fujifilm cameras under XP Series offer resistance from four things: water, dust, shock, and freezing temperatures - fitting the usage for any kind of occasion.

T Series:
The T series cameras are the devices with sleek and slim design which are also pocketable. Among the very few models under this camera series, all of the models feature the stylish look combing the performance too. Available in different colors, the best digital cameras under this series are equipped with powerful zoom controls for more fun.

J Series:
Casio has a easy-to-use and affordable point and shoot digital camera offering under its J series of products. In fact the attractively designed J series cameras are viewed as entry-level models convenient to use by the beginners which can also capture pretty good photos.

The list of best Fuji compct digital cameras has been compiled for you, most of these products can be affordable under the $250 price range.

Fujifilm X30


1. Fujifilm X30    $600

Fujifilm FinePix XP80


2. Fujifilm FinePix XP80    $154 - $230

Fujifilm FinePix XP70


3. Fujifilm FinePix XP70    $175 - $178

Fujifilm XQ1 12MP Digital Camera


4. Fujifilm XQ1    $299 - $375

Fujifilm X20 Digital Camera


5. Fujifilm X20   

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