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Fujifilm is one of the early birds in the consumer compact camera market. They have always been innovators, credited with the first true digital cameras, the DSP-1P in 1988 ,and later the Super CCD and CCD-EXR sensors.

The best Fuji FinePix digital cameras are known for their ease of use and value for money that they provide. The FinePix F-series is a line of compact cameras that was renowned for its good low light performance and natural colors with low image noise even at high ISO settings.

The best Fuji digital cameras use the Super CCD sensor system delivers improved resolution and sensitivity due to a novel pixel architecture. Unlike many other brands which favor mega-pixel counts instead of image quality, FinePix cameras use the relative large Super CCD sensors albeit with lesser pixel count. The Super CCD system did not deliver the expected market share for Fuji, but the latest version - the Super CCD EXR system is recommended by many experts.

Fuji's latest 6th generation sensor (found in F10, F20, F30, F31 models) have set the benchmarks for low noise, high ISO performance among point and shoot cameras.

The best Fuji digital cameras also support dual-capture mode, where one picture is taken with flash and one without and you can choose the better one. Fuji also boasts the unique 3D Finepix W3 which is a 3D camera where you can capture the photo in 3D and either view on the LCD screen or on a 3D TV.

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