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Garmin is a Switzerland based company that develops some of the best navigation devices in the market and is perhaps the most popular brand when it comes to GPS units. You've picked one of the best choices of a Europe GPS, and in this article we'll discuss a few points to consider before looking for an international travel GPS, so you'll know why.

The most crucial requisite for the GPS you intend to take along with you on your trip to Europe is the unit's mapping abilities and Garmin is number one when it comes to mapping accuracy. Good mapping requires base maps and detailed maps and the latter is generally to be purchased separately since most GPS devices do not come preloaded with detailed maps. You can either purchase this from the manufacturer's website or from a third party vendor.

The reason Garmin is so much preferred for international travel is because of their extensive map coverage all over the world. Some of the other top brands out there don't have much mapping support outside US, Canada and Puerto Rico. What's worse is the fact that third party maps are not permitted on most devices, so you're stuck with the maps provided by the company and have no way of loading anything more. Garmin on the other hand have detailed maps covering almost all of Europe and many of their units also allow you to download third party maps, so you can go pretty much anywhere.

Furthermore, look for a Garmin GPS that has lifetime map updates so you never have to worry about whether the directions it provides you with still hold good or not. Map updates typically include new roads and also make the required changes and updates to older maps. This is especially useful if you don't want to be stranded in Europe with obsolete directions.

The best Garmin Europe GPS gives you an expandable memory slot, at least 2000 waypoints and a sunlight readable screen for easy viewing.

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