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A GPS with Bluetooth can connect to any other Bluetooth device in its vicinity and consequently offers several advantages, like linking to your PC to grab some mapping information. But their popularity is chiefly due to the fact they can act as surrogates for your cell phone and this is a real convenience while driving. So if your Bluetooth GPS is hooked to your GPS cell phone, then receiving phone calls is just a tap away; the GPS's inbuilt mic and speakers serve to hold conversations over the GPS itself.

Driving conveniences like the Bluetooth must be backed by a touchscreen and voice command support, so look for large convenient sized touch screen displays with good readability. Although the majority of these units are fixed car mounts, Garmin offers some pretty good portable models for automobiles as well as the handheld kind. So, scroll through our listing to find the best Garmin Bluetooth GPS, loaded with map cartridges, a whole bunch of navigational features and more.

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