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Gateway, an American computer hardware company is well known for its compact and budget desktops which are apt for carrying out day-to-day activities. In 2007, Gateway was acquired by Acer Inc. The best Gateway desktops come under a range of product lines namely DX Series, FX Series, One ZX Series and SX Series.

Features and specifications:

  • At present, the top rated Gateway desktops are shipped with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. These highly ranked Gateway desktops have different generations of Intel and AMD processors running on them at speeds greater than 1.5GHz. Among the best Gateway desktop PCs, some have additional ATI Radeon graphic processors for high performance in gaming while others have integrated graphics to keep the cost low.
  • Multitasking, playing games and performing your tasks without any hindrance to performance and speed, owe to large amount of memory. Try to get the Gateway desktops which include at least 4GB of RAM. For easily storing your photos, movies, music and games, at least 500GB hard drive capacity is included in the topmost Gateway desktop.

    The top desktops from Gateway can come under $800 in tower and all-in-one form factors. Our listing of the best Gateway desktops would help you choose the right one for you.

    Gateway DX4870-UB17 Desktop


    1. Gateway DX4870 (2013)   

    Gateway DX4860-UR28 Desktop


    2. Gateway DX4860-UR28   

    Gateway SX2380-UR318 Desktop


    3. Gateway SX2380-UR318   

    Gateway SX2370-UR12 Desktop


    4. Gateway SX2370 (2013)   

    Gateway One ZX4970G-UW308 Desktop


    5. Gateway One ZX4970G-UW308   

Buying tips to find the Best Gateway Desktop of 2015

Comparison Chart

Gateway Desktop SeriesFeatures Usage
DX SeriesLargest storage capacity (up to 6TB)Organizing and storing photos and videos
FX SeriesATI Radeon graphics card, power efficientGaming
One ZX SeriesHigh-resolution touchscreen, all-in-one, affordableOffice tasks
SX SeriesSmall size, HDMI outputGood for day-to-day tasks, home entertainment

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