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California based Gateway, is a computer hardware company that develops and manufactures a diverse range of personal computers, monitors and computer accessories.

In 2004, one of the world’s best PC makers, eMachines, was acquired by Gateway, which was also acclaimed for its affordable technical support. In October 2007, Acer, a Taiwanese multinational corporation, acquired Gateway, making them the world’s third largest PC company, selling their products through eminent retailers as well as online vendors and channel partners in several countries around the world.

Gateway’s market today flaunts the NE series, featuring HD LED display, HD webcams and robust hard-drives; the NV line that’s a banquet of colours and designs, available with screen sizes up to 17.3 inches and a gamut of processors, ideal for multimedia entertainment; and the LT series, a compact range of notebooks featuring dual core processors in comparatively smaller, classic designs.

Gateway notebooks are noted for their colourful patterns accessible in a wide range of configurations.

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