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Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology used to exchange information between two compatible devices over short distances. A GPS with Bluetooth is extremely handy if you want to pair it up with your cell phone.

There are couple of ways in which you can pair up your cellphone with your GPS to extend its functionality.

Firstly with the GPS device as a receiver, you would get navigation both on your GPS device and your cell phone. This helps because you can then put the GPS device in a place where reception is good - like on the top of a tree or a car, and then pair it with your cell phone for looking up the maps.

Secondly, and more important for Car GPS, you can transfer your incoming calls directly to the GPS device so that you can pick them up directly from the GPS device while driving.

Thirdly, GPS device with Bluetooth is useful if you want to upload maps to it from the internet, which you can first download on your cellphone or laptop and wirelessly transfer it directly to your GPS.

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