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For travelling inside the city the best GPS device must be powered with superior reception, or an external antenna to prevent signal disturbances that are bound to occur in urban canyons.

Most of the best GPS for domestic travel sport a pedestrian mode option which along with a trip calculator permits you to use the unit in your car or while walking. The automobile mode optimizes your route as per traffic trends while the pedestrian mode steers you through the shortest distance on foot, by disregarding automobile limitations such as one-way streets and proffers pedestrian bridges and park access roads. However, the pedestrian mode does not display routes that deviate far from roads and is therefore unsuitable for hikers.

Other good to haves in the perfect GPS for domestic travel is lots of detailed/base maps, cache support for at least 1000 waypoints and route customization support through multiple "via points" for specific halts before your final destination.

Buying tips to find the Best GPS Device For Domestic Travel of 2014

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