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The best GPS devices with lifetime map updates make navigation more easy. As and when the new map data is available the GPS device manufacturers allows the users to update their maps. Devices with updated maps account for displaying better search results during the navigation process. For example, the data that comes with the updates make it easy to find services like businesses, stores, restaurants and other destinations more efficiently.

Few GPS devices offer users map updates for an year or two but it is recommended to go for the lifetime map update feature which can be the full value for money. Also, while noticing the GPS devices, it could be found that the price difference between the ones having lifetime map updates and the ones with limited-period map updates wouldn't be much.

Some of the best GPS devices listed below are easy to setup and use - for short and long trips, have a great support for maps along with traffic updates. The touch-interface based GPS devices provide intuitive handling experience and can be suggested if the user is ready to pay a bit more.

Many of the below listed GPS devices with lifetime map updates are from brands such as Garmin and Magellan of fixed and portable form factors. These devices can mostly be bought under the $300 price range.

Buying tips to find the Best GPS with Lifetime map updates of 2014

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