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While having a drive, it couldn't be always possible to keep visually checking the navigators after entering an address or to get directions to reach a specific destination. GPS devices with the speaker facility and the options to guide wirelessly come to the rescue. The spoken turn-by-turn directions relieves the usage hassle of reading street names.

The below listed GPS devices verbally guide to be hands-free so that the user can keep the eyes on the road. Some of these devices also accept spoken command to activate any task.

The best GPS devices with speakers for voice prompts guide through the navigation by notifying the user about the places, turns, distances and many other things including gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, or any other location/landmark from the POI (point of interest) menu. Sometimes, these devices make use of natural landmarks for turn-by-turn directions instead of unfamiliar distances.

Earlier the voice navigation feature was mostly available on a few high-end units, but now, many of them offer the convenience. Since the voice support can be optional on some devices, it is necessary to go through the spec list for verification before the purchase.

The best GPS with speaker voice prompts have a speaker for the voice output. Most of the below listed navigators come from the brands such as Garmin and Magellan under the Nuvi and Roadmate product lines under the $250 price range.

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