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A graphic printer is any printer capable of printing graphics, these are the most common and popular printers today. Good examples of these printers are inkjet and laser printers.

Almost all the printers available now have the photo/graphics printing capability. It not unusual to find the inkjets and the MFP or all in one printers leading the market in this segment, but the latest lasers are also proving their worth here.

The thing to note when buying the graphics printers is the color print quality. Improvements in the color technology has made it possible to have near original quality prints. Color ink efficiencies with better affordable replacements have made it cheaper to print photos at home or office.

Typically used by the architects, graphic designers etc who require clear, crisp colors when printing on different medias, paper sizes and types, the best graphic printers are usually inkjets. Although they are expensive because of the multiple color inks used, but for the serious professional it is well worth the money spent. These wide/large format printers are slow to print but the large dpi resolutions of 1000+ results in excellent color/black prints.

For the occasional photo printing the best graphics printers are from Canon and Epson which are available within the $100 to $400 range while the above $1000 is for the professionals, designers or photographers.

Check out the latest graphics printers of this year to get the best quality color prints from those mentioned here.

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