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Cool shades of green are available in the best mp3 players. Match your mood by playing songs or videos on these flash drive based mp3 players. Read ebooks, record songs/lectures directly using the built-in recorder, listen to audiobooks/podcasts using the headphones or built-in speakers. Consider surfing the web with high speed WiFi accessing any online content/apps from the stores. With average battery life of around 20 hrs, these green mp3 players ideal for limited audio playback.

Lightweight, compact, stylishly designed they can be used for any outdoor activity or while exercising. Quick transfer of files is possible using the USB or plug and play feature depending on the model you select. Sound quality during playback is pretty good and can be altered using the different equalizer settings

With these points in mind, take a look at the best green mp3 players from below before buying it.

Buying tips to find the Best Green MP3 Player of 2014

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