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Garmin's choice of handheld GPS devices are numerous, and our listing shows you a bunch of the highest rated devices available today.

The utility of the Garmin handheld comes into play typically during outdoor recreation like hiking, trekking or geocaching and these are just the kind of activities that require excellent mapping facilities on the GPS. Fortunately Garmin doesn't lag behind in this aspect and their units include US as well as UK maps; and they also give you the option of loading third party maps of your choice. You're also given the benefit of a waypoint capacity of 4000 and several other navigation features.

Garmin compliments these navigational capabilities with good displays and weather resistant framework that help you make the most of the unit's mapping features. So, many of their units have 2.4" transflective TFT screens that are easy to read in all light conditions. In addition the best Garmin handheld GPS give you the convenience 15 to 18 hours of battery life and are capable of working on external batteries too.

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