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Marine GPS units are a necessity rather than a convenience when going on voyages or out to the sea. The handheld marine units typically are used when using it in smaller water bodies. They complement the existing built-in navigational units and provide added accuracy in mapping routes.

Most noticeable products are the handheld marine GPS from Garmin, Magellan. They are similar to the ones found in automobiles while being water proof. Fish finder, chart plotters, arrival alarms, battery alarms, collision alarms, man overboard alarms are some of the features which form the basic essentials of any of the best handheld marine GPS units.

Compared to the fixed GPS, the handheld marine devices are lighter with smaller screen sizes. This restricts their chart displaying/mapping capabilities to some extent. Being IPX rated means they are also waterproof and water resistant. These can even double up for land navigational use providing accurate directions and routes.

The handheld marine GPS should have the best receivers with 12 channels in place as getting lost out at sea is not an option. When buying a device it is recommended to opt for ones with radio transmission facility for use in case of emergencies. Models which are WAAS enabled and have built-in antennas are adequate but external antennas are better for clearer reception of signals. As with all other GPS units, tough designs to without stand outer environment, screens for displaying in both day/night conditions should be top priority when selecting a handheld marine GPS. All these combine to make your water bound experience safe and enjoyable.

Buying tips to find the Best Handheld Marine GPS of 2014

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