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The best hard drives for MacBooks are offered by some of the topmost brands namely Western Digital, Seagate, LaCie, Iomega, Hitachi, Toshiba and Samsung. Apple' MacBooks incorporate the topmost hard drives which meet the requirements of storing everything from Mac OS X to all the digital content, keeping the data safe and transferring them to other devices at fast speeds.

A new hard drive for your MacBook may be essential if the current hard drive is running out of space. In this case you would need an internal hard drive which can replace your existing MacBook hard drive. It is also possible that you may just want to expand the storage or create a backup of your internal hard drive before switching to the newer one. This is where external hard drives come into picture providing ease of usage.

SATA, SCSI, USB and FireWire are the interfaces through which MacBooks connect with these top rated 2.5 inch hard drives for data transference.

If you are looking for hard drive upgradation, assure yourself that the dimensions and interfaces of your MacBook match with the hard drive which you are thinking to buy. Furthermore, when choosing hard drives for your MacBooks set the important areas which should be looked for like capacity, performance, portability and durability. We discuss the specifications which are important in view of this.

Make sure that the capacity of an external hard drive for your MacBook is no lesser than 500GB. In order to accommodate large audio and video files for your professional work it is suggested that you go for 2TB or more capacity.

At least 512GB capacity should be available in 2.5 inch internal hard drives for Macbook.

Hard disks rotating at 7200RPM are considered the best for MacBook for high performance in data transfer. If you are ready to compromise on the available capacity, SATA and SCSI hard drives have spindle speeds of 10000 RPM for faster access to data.

Among the external hard drive interfaces, you could opt for fast FireWire 800 if you have older Mac while for newer MacBooks USB 3.0 drives would be better. The recent MacBooks can have Thunderbolt hard drives for data transfer speed up to 10 Gbps.

SATA 3 interface would be a good choice if you are thinking to buy an internal hard drive.

USB external hard drives are the most suitable option if you are seeking portability. These USB hard drives with 2.5 inch form factor would be ideal for carrying the data with you while traveling.

Your MacBook hard drive should offer ample resistance to jolts and environmental changes which it may suffer while you are on the go. For this it should have have strong build quality. There are drives from LaCie which have rugged design to keep the data safe in any situation. Also, these MacBook hard drives should have at least 3 years of warranty period.

Options from manufacturers:

  • Hard drives from Western Digital have capacities up to 6TB for all videos, music and photos.
  • G-Technology has aluminum case in their hard drives to act as heat sink so no cooling fans are required.
  • LaCie has thunderbolt hard drives with fastest data transfer speed. Also, the affordable hard disks from LaCie have large capacities along with online storage.

Check out our list of the best hard drive for MacBook to get the ultimate storage and backup device for your data.

WD My Book 4TB External Hard Drive Storage


1. WD My Book 4TB    $162

WD My Book Studio 2TB Mac External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0


2. WD My Book Studio Mac    $103 - $188

WD My Passport for Mac 2TB USB 3.0


3. WD My Passport for Mac    $69 - $130

Toshiba Canvio Slim Portable Hard Drive 500GB


4. Toshiba Canvio Slim    $53 - $84

Kingston Digital Wi-Drive 128 GB Pocket-Sized Portable Storage (WID/128GB-A)


5. Kingston Digital Wi-Drive WID/128GB-A   

Buying tips to find the Best Hard Drive For Macbook of 2015

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