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The best hard drives for video editing are sufficiently spacious to store large number of original and edited files. These hard drives operate at fast speeds so that data can be accessed and the required editing could be achieved in a timely manner.

Video editing hard drives come in internal as well as external enclosure. SATA is the major interface for internal hard drives because of the enormous capacity it inherits. If you need to edit videos while traveling and transferring them meanwhile, it would be good to opt for an external hard drive with FireWire 800 interface.

The factors to be considered while buying the most suitable hard drive for video editing are capacity and performance. A storage capacity of at least 2TB provides large workspace for working with a vast number of music, images and videos.

Performance wise high spindle speed of 7200 RPM would be better but there may be some issues due to overheating as video editing is an intensive task. So, you should go for a hard drive with spindle speed of 5400 RPM which also operates quietly. Besides, a cache buffer of 8MB or more would make data readily accessible.

Western Digital, Toshiba, Seagate and LaCie are some of the brands manufacturing the topmost video editing hard drives. In an attempt to help you find out the best hard drive for video editing, we list below the top products based on major reviewers' opinions from around the web.

Buying tips to find the Best Hard Drive For Video editing of 2014

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