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A High Definition (HD) camcorder records video at several times the resolution of the earlier-generation Standard Definition (SD) devices. By using HD you are recording in the best quality currently available, for viewing in new-generation HDTVs. You also need support hardware that is competent to edit HD video.

The best HD camcorders usually allow complete manual controls on all shooting and editing aspects. They come bundled with high capacity flash media (upto 64GB) or hard-disk (120GB), allow different recording formats (AVCHD, MEPG-4, AVC, H.264, High Definition), and include microphone input, image stabilizer, over 2.4-megapixel sensors, and over 10x zoom. The best HD camcorders also boast of low light capability, ease of use, and a good lcd screen.

Buying tips to find the Best HD Camcorder of 2014

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