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The best HD cameras for YouTube are the portable digital cameras with 1080p resolution video recording capability along with the inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity feature. These cameras record the wide variety of formats supported by YouTube, i.e., the famous MPEG4. For storing videos, the latest digital cameras use H.264 encoding format, for high quality compression.

Most products under our list of best HD cameras for YouTube are the compact cameras for point and shoot usage which allow you capture videos on the go. For viewing the clear preview of the currently recording videos, these cameras feature LCD screens of size up to 3.2 inch. And for the sharing of the recorded videos with the other devices like smartphone, tablet or a notebook or even to the internet, the best HD cameras for YouTube, support Wi-Fi connectivity feature. For sharing of videos to YouTube over the internet, some of the digital cameras with HD video recording capability, support native apps on the camera interface.

The newly introduced connected cameras can be a option for those who ask for instant sharing of the captured media in real-time, but because of the high price point, there are very less chances that we recommend the purchase of these cameras.

For the best HD camera for YouTube selection, we have narrowed down our selection to only those cameras which have the HD video recording feature and Wi-Fi connectivity feature - the total digital camera package affordable under $400 price range. Check out our list of best HD digital cameras, top rated by some of the best camera reviewers around the web.

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