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Our list of the best HD DLP projectors is narrowed down to the top rated DLP projectors which have 1080p/i resolution. While 1080i stands for interlaced scanning, 1080p is progressive scanning. We recommend 1080p models since progressive scanning displays all the pixel rows simultaneously, giving a much sharper and better picture; as opposed to interlaced which only displays alternated pixel rows at a time. However, the amount of video content available in 1080p is still quite sparse and most television channels use 720p or 1080i.

Furthermore, DLP projectors themselves are great for movies and gaming since they boast smoother pictures and richer blacks giving more contrast to your pictures;and these high definition projectors are capable of reproducing the true HD content on your Blu-ray players.

Buying tips to find the Best HD DLP Projector of 2014

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