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For a $500 budget, most televisions you'll see are a brand's lower end models, and the best HDTVs you can find for this price are those from brands like Samsung and Vizio.

The sub $500 market consists more of LCD TVs than plasma and LED which are generally higher priced. If you're going in for an LCD you should know that they could be some of the most power hungry TVs in the market today. To add to this, LCD TVs also have an inferior picture quality, from lower contrast ratios to lower response times.

Vizio and Samsung however have a few good LED models close to $500 that might be a much better option. LED TVs boast much better picture quality and consume less than half the power consumed by LCDs.

Nevertheless, we have a bunch of the best HDTVs under $500 listen below for your to choose from.

Buying tips to find the Best HDTV under $ 500 of 2014 - 2015

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