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For a $100 you have the privilege of selecting your most most convenient design without compromising on the sonic caliber of your headphone, so choose right!

Those specs on your headphones do have some impact on the caliber of music you get to hear. For instance, the frequency response is a range of the lowest and highest frequencies the headphone can support. In other words, it tells you how much bass or treble you will get, and the lower the starting range the better the bass and higher the maximum value the better the treble. So look for a broad range, say 18Hz to 20KHz so you can get the best of bass, treble and midrange tones for all genres of music.

From the style or design perspective, we recommend the best in-ear headphones that plug deep into the ear canal and reduce ambient sound, for users who like listening to music while travelling. Of course most people would suggest over-the-head models with noise cancellation, but we've heard several complaints against noise cancellation headphones. Noise cancellation is a technology deployed in some headphones in which tiny microphones are placed inside the ear piece that analyzes the ambient sound waves and a digital signal processor generates opposite sound waves to the ambient that nullify the effect of the latter. The issue with these phones is that, though they reduce outside sound more than other headphones, there's a bit of a compromise on the quality of the music they deliver.

This selection of the best headphones under $100 is limited to only those models in the $50 to $100 price bracket which are highly rated by expert reviewers around the web.


Skullcandy 50/50
Skullcandy 50/50 Headphones
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Mar 2010
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 3.5 stars

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