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A lot of washing machine manufacturers are going Green by releasing eco friendly High Efficiency (HE) Washing Machines. The term implies that the machine consumes about 30-40% less water, uses about 30% less energy and so help in reducing your bills. In some localities you also get a rebate on your water and electricity bills when opting to buy these appliances. Energy Star Rating is an International Standard maintained to indicate how energy efficient a product is. A Energy Certified HE washing machine has a energy standard rating of atleast 3 or higher. Look for Dry sensors option when buying, as it automatically turns the machine off when clothes are completely dry. So the machine is not using power when idle and thus saving energy.

Typically the High efficiency machines have loading capacity in the range of 4 - 4.5 cu.ft. So more laundry is done in less time which should be more than sufficient for a family of 3-4 members.

For effective washing, your machine needs to use specially formulated detergents marked as HE. When normal detergents are used, they produce a lot of lather causing overflow and even damage to the machine. HE detergents produce less lather and have a quick dispersing action due to which your laundry comes out cleaner. HE detergents also prevent soil and dirt from getting deposited again on clean clothes. This detergent is also costly.

A major factor which will influence your decision in buying a high efficiency washing machine is the higher price. You need to invest in a costly HE detergent along with the initial investment when purchasing this appliance. But this is recovered by the savings you make in your monthly laundry bills in the long run. All that matters is that in the end you get perfectly clean, hygienic laundry.

The best selling HE Washing machines are the front load variant but the top load models also sell well in the market. The High Efficiency Washing Machines available are rated below based on the reviews from experts around the web.

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