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The best Home Theatres of HDTV are capable of delivering true Full HD videos and complementing it with the best surround sound speakers for a complete cinema ambience.

Since HDTVs are typically flat-pannel, wide-screen TVs, your Home Theatre player must support wide-screen HD resolutions of 720p and above. Several good Home Theatres come with DVD players that implement a feature called “upconvertion”, which interpolates the standard definition image of a DVD and converts it to High Definition. Although the image is converted into HD, it cannot have the same effect as a true HD video that can be found on a Blu-ray disc.

Therefore the best Home Theatres incorporate players which are capable of upconverting SD videos as well as playing actual HD videos like those in Blu-ray Discs.

Buying tips to find the Best Home Theatre For HDTV of 2014

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