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The best thing about having a Home Theatre system at home is obviously the luxury of having the feel of a cinema in your own living room. However, with the number of HT options proliferating everyday, choosing the right HT system for your house is a mighty task, and this is what we hope to simplify for you.

Home Theatre sets can range from 2.0 systems often called Sound Bar systems, which are petite designs with just two speakers put together in one build; to the huge 9.1 systems that are 9 speakers and a subwoofer. They implement surround sound technology from leading multichannel audio technology developers like Dolby or DTS, which extract multichannel sound from stereo content to generate that omnipresent effect. The top mid-level and high range Home Theatres you are also given a Blu-Ray player and other features like 3D HDMI or at least a good DVD player. The HDMI bring in connectivity between your A/V receiver and HD video players or HDTV.

So, to begin with, consider the size of your room. If you've got a relatively large room and don't object to spending a bit, we've got some of the best 9.1 channel Home Theatre sets from Panasonic and Vizio that include ace A/V receivers powered by 150W. The size of your speakers and it's power greatly influences the dynamics of sound it can disperse, so to make sure you don't lose out on sound quality in a large room, make sure the woofers for the main speakers are at least 4 to 5 inches coupled with a ten-inch sub.

Now, if it's a medium sized room you're considering a HT for, the 6.1 and 7.1 Home Theatres are what you need with at least 3-inch woofers for the main speakers along with around 7 inches for the subwoofer.

For smaller rooms you can opt for one of the best 5.1 Home Theatre sets often called Home Theatre in a Box (HTiB). Small sized rooms don't require the 100W sound power in each channel any more than need high amplification and you'd get a sonorous audio with just 50 - 60 Watts. HTiB sets are typically a budget friendly and space saving models and many of them sport in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers while others are small enough to be cased inside your bookshelf.

Our list of the best home theatre for homes below comprises the top rated Home theatre systems released over the last year.

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