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The best Home Theatres for music integrates excellent sound technology along with MP3 compatibility to deliver that dynamic effect you're after.

Music files are typically compressed and you hardly get that heavy bass, so what you need from your Home Theatre is a subwoofer that can deliver accurate pitch along with correct bass waveforms with are perfectly aligned with the speakers.

Typically for the entire studio sensation, you need at least a 5.1 channel speaker set or higher. If you've got a medium sized room, main speakers with 4.5-inch woofers and a 7-inch subwoofer would good enough. For larger rooms you could pick a 7.1 channel floor-standing, vibration-proof speaker set to give you ground-shaking sonic-beats. In addition, whichever speakers you opt for must implement surround sound technologies like Dolby Pro Logic or HD surround, and have good enveloping sound features for that ultimate discotheque feeling.

Note however, that home theatres are typically best suited for movie entertainment and are not as competent for music frequencies as dedicated music systems are. The best Home Theatres for music incorporate good HD players that that can play all music formats as well as HD movies for the ultimate two-in-one entertainment

Buying tips to find the Best Home Theatre For Music of 2014

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