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The best Home Theatres for small rooms incorporates the technology required to provide the best cinema sensation in the most compact structure.

Home theatres today come in diverse models to suit all kinds of surroundings. Small sized rooms don't really require the 100W sound power in each channel or high amplification like large rooms do; nor do they need more than 5 speakers of 50 - 60 W each. So you can enjoy a pretty sensational theatre effect with a Home Theatre in a Box (HTIB) system that comes with 5 speakers including great surround sound technology and a subwoofer; and an A/V receiver. Besides, you could also opt for in-wall or in-ceiling speakers or have little speakers that fit well into the book or TV cabinets, to further save on space.

Additionally while most HTIBs come along with a DVD player, you could opt out on that if you've already got one and pick a more basic model implementing all the other HTIB features minus the DVD player.The best Home Theatres for small rooms are HTiBs that incorporate inputs to connect multiple source components.

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