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DTS, originally Digital Theatre Systems is an American audio technology company, that developed the DTS multichannel audio technologies which many home theatre systems today implement.

Sarting with a 5.1 channel audio which was encoded as 5 discrete, full range channels was later modified to incorporate a Low Frequency Effects channel or subwoofer. DTS 96/24 is an innovation to the earlier 5.1 system and uses 24-bit depth unlike the conventional 16-bit depth. The result is less compression and the ability to store more detail. Backed by a 96 KHz sampling rate rather than the standard 48 KHz, the DTS 96/24 offers much better sound dynamics. Incidentally, this is the first technology to allow transmission of 5.1 channels of 24-bit 96KHz on a DVD-video format.

Our list of the best DTS 96/24 Home theatre systems is based on reviews from the top HT reviewers from around the web. Led by Samsung, this list comprises some of the best 5.1 home theatre systems in a variety of ergonomic designs.

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